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CATaclysm- The Board Game is our second release of the CATaclysm series. The game builds upon our Kickstarter hit CATaclysm- The Role Playing Game. The game mechanics have been improved to offer a more engaging, fun-filled, and tangible experience to those who love feline gameplay.


This game promises to amplify your board game experience to an unprecedented level. 



The Tome of Meowgic is the third CATaclysm game to be be relased by Akinjji Entertainment. Written by the ancient Catains, The fabled Tome of Meowgic was the mystical codex containing the ancient art of manipulating Meowgic for maximum effect.

The game also includes 2 new fully illustrated playable breeds in addition to the supplementary rules to the Core Rulebook. These breeds will be especially attuned to the use of the Meowgical arts.


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