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CATaclysm© places the world in the capable paws of our favorite fur-balls in this action-packed, easy to learn roleplaying game. Akinji Entertainment is proud to bring you its very first tabletop RPG title: CATaclysm©, a game for both cat lovers and roleplaying enthusiasts alike. CATaclysm© is purrfect for players of all levels, and whether you are new to RPGs or a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy the witty play and the fresh take on dice adventure games. Using a simple no-fuss mechanic, CATaclysm© provides a streamlined ruleset that can be learned and played within as little as 10 minutes. This game makes use of a brand new gaming platform that uses d10s in conjunction with a new life management system never before utilized in RPGs. Whether you are coughing up fireballs or swinging your cat-o-nine-tails, you will love this fun and action oriented adventure game.

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